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Welcome!  Are you looking for homemade goods?  Milk cows?  Chicks?  We have'em.  We are also hosting an on-line yard sale to clean out some of the random stuff that is taking up space.  

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Every winter my hands get dry. They crack. I'm miserable. I used the spend a lot of time and money putting lotion on my hands ... and it never actually worked. The gunk I put on my hands is advertised to repair hands, fix dry skin, etc. The lotion goes on greasy and lasts a bit. But later in the day, I'm almost always reapplying more lotion.

Does anyone else have this problem? Have any of you found a lotion that works? I mean really works. Does it actually fix your dry skin issue or do you just re-apply it several times per day so that your hands don't dry out?

Slight detour, but I have to tell you that my husband loves me. Or maybe he was just sick of me complaining about how much my hands hurt.  A couple of years ago, my hands were so extremely dry that they were randomly splitting open. It didn't help that we'd been doing drywall and tile, which can seriously dry out your skin. It also didn't help that I was washing my hands every time I turned around. (We have a farm which requires a lot of hand washing.) In any case, my husband responded to my pain in the most wonderful way. He went in the kitchen and whipped up this lotion bar. After a day or so of use, my hands healed up and they haven't been dry since.

It's not your typical lotion - it comes in bar form. So you have to get your hands damp and rub it between your hands (kind of like soap) before your rub it into your skin. It goes on light and soaks in quickly, but it does more for my hands in one use than any other lotion has ever done to solve my winter hands problem.

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Do you have skin issues you'd like to resolve? Have you even heard of colloidal gold? Even better, do you know what it's used for? I could just say it's a magical concoction that can do wonders for your skin! While true, that's not a very scientific answer.

For the scientists among you, colloidal gold is a suspension of gold nanoparticles in a liquid - in our case, distilled water. The suspension itself is a red, almost bourbon color because the gold particles are spherical particles that are less than 100 nm. Fun fact: if the particles were larger than 100 nm or were nanorods, then the suspension would be a blue/purple color.

Colloidal gold is said to rejuvenate and activate skin cells to heal micro-damage and produce collagen. When there is more collagen, skin is more elastic. As an ingredient in cosmetics, colloidal gold is regularly used to help people with aging, sensitive, sun-damaged, and acne-scarred skin. Colloidal gold ointments are used to treat various skin problems such as eczema, fungal infections, skin rash, wounds, burns, wrinkles, and age/sun spots.

My 70+ year old mother-in-law swears by the lotion bar. The skin around her neck has gotten smoother. The skin on her arms don't tear as easily now. She has age spots (i.e. dead skin) that she has been able to peel layers off of since she began using the lotions bar. Her age spots are progressively disappearing. She uses the colloidal gold body butter bar on the bags under eyes and on her feet. She got a complement from her sister the other day about how good she looked.

I have to say a word here about the body butter bar and feet. If you rub it on your feet right after you get out of the shower or bath, it feels AMAZING. Seriously, it's wonderful. It also has the added benefit of getting rid of splitting feet that happen to a lot of women in the summertime when wearing sandals, flops, etc.

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